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Overview NICE Voice & Screen Recording

  • Advanced recording for audio and screen capture
  • Optional 100% recording capture or on-demand recording
  • Wide range of storage and archiving options
  • Provides organizations with the ability to be PCI DSS compliant
  • Future proof – NG9-1-1 / NG112-ready and NENA i3-Compliant  

NICE provides VoIP-based recording solutions for contact centers and enterprises, as well as for trading floors and the back offices of financial institutions. NICE active VoIP recording enables the delivery of centralized recording capabilities in distributed environments. All NICE Perform servers are consolidated in the data center, where all calls that take place in the organization’s branches and other remote locations are recorded. By reducing the need for costly branch set-up, administration, and management of recording servers, NICE helps to flatten the organization and enables simple yet efficient handling of remote employees. This IT-friendly technology makes active VoIP recording the ideal solution even for single site operations.

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  • Cohesive, Integrated Solution Suite

    NICE meets all the organization’s call recording requirements. The same system can support all recording modes – Total Recording, user initiated Recording-on-Demand, and rule-based recording, including sampled recording for Quality Management in contact center environments. NICE offers a unified solution for recording in mixed telephony environments, specifically where CUCM is serving the back office of a financial trading floor while a turret system is being utilized in its front office

  • Improved Operational Control

    NICE offers organizations better control by means of centralized administration, recording and playback. All the operational and administrative activities can be performed over the network

  • High Security

    Extensive privilege-based user access mechanisms provide full control of user operations, while an integral audit trail provides detailed information of user activity

  • Unlimited Storage

    In addition to off-line storage capabilities, NICE’s integration with leading enterprise storage management vendors enables centralized archiving with seamless on-line media access

  • Meeting All Compliance Needs

    NICE has adapted its products to the PCI DSS since the standard’s inception. As an industry expert with in-depth understanding of the PCI DSS and interaction recording, NICE delivers the optimal synergy and is here to ensure that your environment is standards-compliant

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