For: Contact Center Managers / Supervisors and Operational Contact Center Leaders

Uncover new ways to engage your team and provide an environment that meets the needs of your organization, your agents and your customers.  Discover from your peers how they’ve found success, get perspectives drawn from their experiences, and learn how and why they use their current processes.


  • Getting Maximum Value from Your Tools and Staff
  • Simplifying Operations and Integrations
  • Gaining Efficiency with the inContact Platform
  • Best Practices for Incenting Agents

For: WFM Managers, Quality Assurance/ Quality Managers, Customer Experience Managers, Coaches and Trainers

Workforce optimization (WFO) comprises many processes and tools that are used for assessment and for agent and organizational improvement. WFO provides unprecedented visibility into performance, operations and customer intelligence across your organization. Join us to learn how you can stay ahead in your business.


  • Quality Management
  • Speech Analytics
  • Performance Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Training and Coaching Best Practices
  • The Future of Workforce Optimization (WFO) in Contact Centers

For: IT Managers/Directors and Staff

Revolutionize your systems and leverage modern technical solutions. Tap into existing operations to create change that yields foundational improvement and system resilience.


  • Optimizing Integrations
  • Creating Innovative Workflows
  • Enhancing Reporting with Direct Access to Data
  • Consuming inContact APIs for Advanced Customization

For: Senior Leaders, including Contact Center VPs, Customer Care  VPs and others

Lead your organization to customer service greatness by envisioning new ideas and approaches. Drive strategic initiatives that deliver real business value.


  • Real-World Before/After Examples
  • Cross-Functional Customer Experience Planning
  • Piloting New Initiatives
  • Acting on Customer Expectations
  • Quality-Driven Decision Making
  • Self Service and Multichannel Case Studies
  • Creating Great Places to Work
  • Utilizing Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Leadership Challenges and Best Practices
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Social CRM
  • Mobile First-Customer Experiences