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Overview Workforce Management (WFM)

  • Accurately forecast your customer demand
  • Schedule and manage staff effectively with Workforce Management Software
  • Empower employees to participate in the scheduling process
  • Track and promote adherence to schedules
  • Get real-time visibility into staffing and call volumes

Your contact volumes aren’t static all day—why should staffing levels be? Achieve balance in employee needs, customer satisfaction, and cost containment by ensuring the right agents with the right skills are available at the right time. By matching demand to your scheduled workforce, inContact’s call center workforce management system assists you in creating the best-case staffing scenario.

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  • Workforce Management Software accurately forecasts customer demand

    Take into account a wide view of your contact center’s historical workload trends, including hourly intra-day volumes, to create optimal schedules based on predictive data. Benefit from our years of experience in building the right scientific model for more accurate forecasts. inContact’s workforce management solutions supports forecasting by skill, media, time of day, day of week, and even the forecasting of long-term demands during strategic planning exercises. They also use historical data to create special event profiles, enabling you to predict volume for future special events.

  • Schedule and manage staff effectively

    There are many variables to consider when scheduling staff, such as availability, vacation schedules, skill levels, breaks, legal requirements, targeted service goals and more. Workforce Management solutions take all this information into account when creating optimized schedules. The result is supervisors are free to work on more strategic responsibilities, and schedules are optimized to meet service goals.

  • Empower your employees to participate in the scheduling process

    Workforce management software tools make employees happy by including them in the scheduling process. Allow them to enter their scheduling preferences and bid on schedules. Once schedules have been created, they can make a variety of schedule change requests such time-off/vacation, overtime, shift trades, etc. All of these can be manually or automatically processed to allow your preferences to be met. Allowing employees to play a greater role in the scheduling process frees up critical time for supervisors and increases employee accountability.

  • Workforce Management Software tracks and promotes adherence to schedules

    Call center workforce management improves visibility into all agent activity and helps minimize labor costs. By ensuring agents work on assigned activities as scheduled and accurately manage their time, our Workforce Management solutions, increase agent productivity, accountability, and management effectiveness. WFM comprehensively collects and displays data on how agents are spending their time throughout the day and any discrepancies between the schedule and reality.

  • Gain real-time visibility into staffing and call volume metrics

    Get a real-time, graphical view of forecasted, actual and predicted call volumes, handle times, service-level statistics and more. Utilize the ability to receive automatic alerts notifying you of deviations to your plan and targets, so you can quickly reforecast, reschedule, and adjust staffing.

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