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Overview MAX (My Agent eXperience)

  • Gives your agents what they need, when they need it
  • Helps agents to make faster, more informed decisions
  • Optimizes collaboration with an Intelligent Address Book
  • Simplifies onboarding and reduces training needs
  • Gives agents access to customer data synchronized with each routed interaction
  • Enables agents to manage their own performance in real-time
  • Accelerate implementation without downloads for a quick return on investment
  • Empowers agents to focus on the customer, not on the tool
  • Improves workflows with intuitive, situation-aware controls
  • Increases customer satisfaction with more efficient contact handling

MAX is a dynamic, context-sensitive interface designed for the streamlined handling of all contact center interactions, regardless of channel. With MAX, your agents will be ready to tackle their roughest days and most complex interactions with ease.

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  • Intelligent Address Book

    MAX provides a whole new world of advanced tools enabling your agents to collaborate quickly and with confidence. Our Intelligent Address Book has powerful search capabilities and contextual, advanced filtering.

  • Collaboration

    With integrated presence information, agents can see at a glance who is available for collaboration. Our tools make it easy for even your newest agents to identify and collaborate with subject matter experts; advanced filtering displays the most commonly consulted with resources.

  • Conferences and Transfers

    Once your agents have found the best contact, simplified consults, conferences and transfers help make the connection. And our interface is consistent across channels, reducing the time spent searching and clicking.

  • Contact Handling

    MAX easily accommodates displaying customer data from any source synchronized with each interaction. The data for the screen-pop can originate in a front-end IVR, a database or 3rd party CRM system.

  • Multichannel Support

    MAX provides multichannel contact handling with native support for blended inbound and outbound Voice, Voicemail, Email, Chat and Work Items. Virtually any other channel (Social Media, text/SMS or others) is supported via Work Item handling. MAX is an intuitive, context-sensitive interface – your agents’ most relevant tools and actions are always in view and located just a click away.

  • Transfer Tools

    Quick transfer tools, including agent state and queue information, help your agents make more informed decisions and execute faster consults, conferences and transfers. And agents can now disposition a contact and provide notes while still active in the interaction - whenever they are ready!

  • Agent Empowerment

    MAX provides a wealth of real-time information to the agent. It enables agents to monitor their own key metrics, such as agent performance and productivity, including trending for today, yesterday and the previous week. When you let your agents know about their personal performance, and show them how they are doing compared to their team, they can pace their contact handling according to thresholds and expectations – no surprises at the end of the shift!

  • Skill Management

    The Agent Skills view gives them an at-a-glance view of the skills and channels they are assigned to. The Contact Center Performance Display shows key metrics such as the number of contacts in queue for the agent’s own aggregated skills, as well as the detailed status for all skills.

  • Queue Insights

    Users can check both agent and queue availability, including assigned skills, number of contacts in queue and Estimated Wait Time. Agents have dynamic insight into the current status of the contact center, so they can pace contact handling accordingly. The dynamic agent interface immediately reflects adjustments such as reassigned skills, or agent performance, on the agent interface – your agents are always in the know as contact center conditions change.

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