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Quality Management

Best Practices of a Successful Quality Management Program

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Quality Management, (QM) or formally known as Quality Assurance, has been around for decades. The art and science of determining just how good an organization and its front line agents are performing is a process that continues to evolve. Today, many organizations have adapted QM programs for all customer interaction channels. There are many valuable practices that ensure success with establishing a QM program. The following four best practices are based on results from QATC studies, various research and overall best practices identified by various contact center industry experts and analysts such as DMG Consulting, Frost & Sullivan, and ICMI.


The Impact of Social on Today’s Traditional Contact Center

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Even 30 seconds is too long for today’s in-the-moment, always-engaged customer to wait, spelling trouble for the future of customer service through traditional channels like email and phone. The world is in the middle of the biggest shift in personal computing; the transition from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets requires an entirely new, mobile-first approach to customer service. Furthermore, that approach must be asynchronous, allowing the consumer to engage, disconnect, and pick up where they left off on their own terms.

There are three major shifts in how people are communicating with each other and with companies, all outside of the traditional call center model.

Multi Channel

Delivering on the Seamless Omnichannel Promise

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Modern customers expect to have easy experiences with companies, regardless of the channel(s) they choose. Customers also count on companies to recognize them and follow their interactions and journeys across channels and devices.

For example, if a customer engages with an agent in an online chat, and then calls in to their customer service line, they expect a seamless transition without having to rehash the conversation they previously had with another agent.

Unfortunately, many companies still experience issues trying to tie together their customer service channels into a unified experience. The divide between contact centers who manage multiple channels well, and those that don’t, is particularly acute between premise-based call centers and those which have migrated their technology to the cloud.

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