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Cloud Cushions the Holiday Customer Service Crush

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

The ability to provide an excellent customer service experience is a key differentiator in today’s Era of the Customer for businesses of any size and every vertical market. However, according to a recently released report by Harvard Business Review, where 92% of US based respondents were from organizations with more than 1000 employees, nearly half indicated that improving the customer experience was indicated as either one or two in level of priority.

Despite the increased level of priority placed on improving the customer experience (CX), this same report indicates that only 15% of all respondents are confident in their ability to quickly adapt their CX to emerging technology trends.


Making the Most of Workforce Optimization – An Agent Lifecycle Perspective

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Guest blog post from our friends at HireIQ.

While contact center technology has evolved significantly over the last thirty years or so, the practice of Workforce Optimization (WFO) has been around almost as long as contact centers have. However, as a holistic, integrated technology, it is a fairly recent innovation and it continues to evolve. Despite the technological advances, one element is constant: it often takes a human agent to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

The hiring process is often overlooked as a key step in implementing an effective WFO strategy.  An agent’s relationship often begins many weeks prior to handling the first customer interaction and academic research has found that the candidate’s perception of the hiring process has a direct impact on his or her overall satisfaction with the company and his or her performance potential.

VaaS pt 2.2

inContact Launches VaaS™ to Boost the Live Agent Advantage – Part 2

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Part 2 of our two-part series on Voice as a Service. Please read Part 1 here

Delivering on our VaaS promise

Publishing performance quality metrics is critical to the delivery of Carrier-Grade connectivity.  It provides visibility into the quality of inContact’s voice transmission. To that end, we are pleased to announce that, as of December 2015, we have begun to make voice quality metrics available to our customers.

Every day, for every call, inContact is measuring the quality of voice transmissions when they enter our network and when they leave our network to ensure that what our customer’s agents and clients hear is the best inContact can make it.


Some interesting points here! I had no idea there were so many good ways to implement things like VaaS. Thanks for sharing!
2016-01-12 09:04:48
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