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The Hidden Value of Quality Data

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Everyone has a quality management process in their contact center. Good or bad, you are measuring the quality of your employees work in some way. Maybe a checklist for compliance items, maybe it’s a detailed quality form that measures soft skills and product knowledge. You may even have a formal documented process for how many interactions are measured by an agent on a regular basis. Regardless of what and how you are measuring, you are also likely delivering that feedback to your agents on a regular basis. These are all a great start, but what else are you using – or could you be using – your quality data for?


Women in Tech: Partnerships in High Growth, Sustainable Business

Friday, February 20th, 2015

According to Forrester, growth is the top priority for a majority of companies in 2015. To help us and our customers grow, we are building a vibrant ecosystem full of deep and lasting partnerships with our customers, technology partners and channel partners.

Today three expert panelists from inContact will be speaking on “Achieving Hyper Business Growth by Developing Partnerships” at a Women Tech Council Event in Salt Lake City, UT. Each speaker has a unique viewpoint of how to engage with partners and how the right relationships can help you expand your footprint, gain valuable insight and experience, and can help you be prepared when challenges arise.

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Testimonial: Using Personal Connection™ For Proactive Customer Service

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Recently, we interviewed a few of our customers to ask them how our outbound dialer, Personal Connection™, helps them achieve their business goals.

Academic Partnerships was one of the first customers to adopt our new dialer system in December 2013. One of their top contact center goals is to reach out to students within 5 minutes of the student’s website request for more information. To do this, they have integrated the Personal Connection™ dialer into their CRM system to quickly pull up customer information and make a seamless connection.

In addition, Academic Partnerships utilizes the pop-up functionality for call scripting that gives their agents guidance when they are on the phone with students.

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