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‘Tis the Season to Spread Magic! Help us support United Way

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Share this simple message and a donation will be made to United Way

Contact centers have a goal every day; to create life changing interactions. Now you have the chance to easily make a difference in someone’s life in a different way. Chevy Motor Vehicles teamed up with United Way to help support their ongoing cause. For every share and retweet, Chevrolet will contribute $1 to United Way. Please share this video and encourage others to share as well. Spread the magic quickly! This promotion continues until the end of the year or until United Way hits their $500,000 goal.

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Solving the Top 10 Challenges for SMB Contact Centers

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

If you have worked in a small to medium-sized contact center, you are probably familiar with challenges like capital constraints, agent scheduling, and managing inbound/outbound demands. These impediments can hurt the productivity of your call center and eventually hinder the achievement of your overall customer service goals.

Below we outline the Top 10 Challenges that SMB contact centers face in 2015 and how cloud technology can alleviate them.

1) Scaling Quickly to Meet Business and Call Volume Demands

Especially during the holidays and winter season, call volumes can spike dramatically for many call centers. With cloud contact center software, you can add and remove seats seamlessly while allowing agents the freedom to work remotely.

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Intelligent Marketing in a Hyper Regulated World

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

The following is part of our ongoing partner blog series featuring guest posts from inContact partners. 

inContact partnered with Gryphon Networks in 2013 to integrate Gryphon’s real-time, Do-Not-Call compliance solutions for outbound sales-and-marketing organizations and call centers. This partnership provides the first integrated solution that offers comprehensive compliance with federal and state calling restrictions for inContact customers. 

Marketing privacy law is one of the fastest growing legal specializations today, with Do-Not-Contact regulations increasing in number and complexity each year. With all of the stringent rules surrounding digital and phone-based marketing campaigns, it is imperative that you adopt a compliance engine that ensures 100% warranted protection while maximizing your marketing reach.

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