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ICUC 2014: Innovation. Unleashed. inContact’s user conference is simply the best there is.

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

We’re proud to announce our annual user conference, Innovation.Unleashed., September 23-25 at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld®. ICUC is consistently an industry standout, and ICUC 2014 will be no exception, with a lineup of speakers, training sessions, workshops and discussions that will transform the way you look at your contact center—and give you the tools to lead it confidently into the future.

In fact, ICUC 2014 is geared to provide long-term advantages not only to conference participants but to their organizations, as well. In addition to an impressive agenda , there are also unlimited opportunities for networking .


Where Are All the Happy Agents?

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

You’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again; happy agents make happy customers! Simple enough, right? So where are all the happy agents?

Chances are good that you already have happy agents inside your contact center. But do you know who they are? Do you know what motivates their happiness?

Ask for Happy Agents
A great place to start is by asking your agents how they feel about your company, your contact center and your customers. But don’t just ask them how satisfied they are; you also need to understand their engagement. While satisfaction will tell you if an agent is content; engagement will identify an agent’s loyalty, connection, and emotional commitment to their role.


Are Your Service Experiences Memorable to Customers?

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Does the service experience build loyalty? Are customers motivated to engage more with your company? Here are some insights from our recent webinar.

Being in the Age of the Customer means customers have voice, choice and power—and they’re constantly using all three. Customers demand real-time responses from brands that they expect to proactively “know me, remember me, listen to me and help me with personalized solutions.”  It’s a tall order for even the best contact centers! How do you begin to deliver on all this?

Webinar presenters Amy Latzer, COO of 211 LA County, and JaNae Forshee, inContact’s Sr.


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