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Overview Performance Management

  • Use dashboards for real-time performance management
  • Aggregate data from multiple sources - CRM, inContact ACD/IVR, and more
  • Customize visibility for all levels of your organization
  • Track key metrics using dynamic performance modules
  • Includes customizable dashboards for agents, managers, and executives
  • Drive agent engagement and empowerment with real-time visibility and gamification

Contact centers operate in dynamic environments where efficiently and effectively addressing customer inquiries is critical. Having the ability to proactively identify underlying issues has a direct and immediate impact on performance management success. Unfortunately, many organizations rely on contact center performance metrics that originate from multiple sources, resulting in unreliable and inconsistent views of the status quo. Having a consolidated, accurate, and consistent version of the truth is crucial.

inView™ is a revolutionary, optimization solution engineered by contact centers for contact centers. inView™ drives successful execution by aggregating performance data acquired from multiple systems, and acting on the data with proven business improvement processes. inView increases accountability and creates a culture of continuous development essential to reaching business objectives.

inView offers a suite of management tools developed to meet the specific needs of front line sales and service activities. By delivering real-time, personalized performance data to every employee on the floor and automating critical managerial activities, inView increases efficiency for management, supervisors, and agents.

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  • Use Dashboards for Real-Time Performance Management

    In order for performance to improve, it must first be measured. Use inView to create customizable dashboards for all levels of your organization including agents, managers, and executives.

  • Utilize Data from Multiple Sources (CRM, inContact ACD/IVR, and more)

    inView pulls in data from multiple systems such as your CRM, ACD, and IVR to give you a holistic view of what’s happening, real-time, throughout multiple aspects of your organization.

  • Customize Visibility for all Levels of Your Organization

    Create customized dashboards for all levels of your organization to include agents, managers, and executives. Easily create detailed summaries for agents and higher-level dashboards with drill down functionality for managers and executives.

  • Track Key Metrics Using Dynamic Performance Modules

    Engaging agents can be challenging. By letting agents monitor their own performance with customized dashboards, they’ll understand exactly where to focus their performance improvement efforts. Agents can quickly check a summary of their performance, see trends over time, establish where they rank compared to their peers, and get an instant view into how close they are to earning performance bonuses.

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