Customer Support

Rapid, Helpful Support When You Need It

Customer Support is one of our most important functions, so we don’t outsource it like some companies. Everyone on our trained and certified team is an inContact employee, which means they deeply understand our technology and their highest priority is to help you. 
We support your contact center with:
  • Rapid Resolution - We manage your technology 24/7/365 so you don’t have to. We provide system updates and upgrades, a knowledge base with information and training, a single point of contact for each of your issues and use Adaptive Organization methodology to quickly resolve issues and communicate with you.
  • Pay-As-You-Go – We bill our support just like our contact center solution – as part of your monthly inContact invoice. That means no upfront or annual contracts to deal with.
  • Proactive Support – Our knowledgeable Technical Account Managers and Key Account Managers (which is an optional service) provide reporting, service calls and advice on implementing call center best practices.
  • Service and Support Accountability – Our service level agreements provide 99.99% uptime and 80% of calls are answered in 60 seconds or less. 

Customer Support Packages

Choose from a variety of service packages that best meet your needs. Our “Care” package is included with your inContact service – the other fee-based packages provide increasing levels of support. 
Care Care Plus Premier Premier Success Premier Success Plus
Included at no additional charge All the Care benefits, plus: All the Care Plus benefits, plus: All the Premier benefits, plus: All the
Premier Success
benefits, plus:
Customer Care & Technical Support
Live Customer Care Hours: Monday-Friday, 6a-6p Mountain Time 24x7 Live Customer Care Technical Account Manager assigned to your account Priority call routing Priority case routing
Business affecting hotline: 24x7x365 Technical Account Manager assigned to your account Customer designates two (2) technical and two (2) business contacts   Customer designates three (3) technical and three (3) business contacts
Customer designates one (1) technical and one (1) business contact        
Consulting/Best Practices*
Fee-based Key Account Manager (KAM) access   Key Account Manager dedicated to your account Key Account Manager dedicated to your account On-site quarterly reviews with Key Account Manager/Technical Account Manger
      Semi-annual, on-site reviews with Key Account Manager Monthly strategy session
      30% discount on additional consulting services 40% discount on additional consulting services
Professional Services
Fee-based Professional Services access 10% discount on Professional Services 3 hours of Professional Services assistance per month, plus a 20% discount on Professional Services 5 hours of Professional Services assistance per month, plus a 30% discount on Professional Services 10 hours of Professional Services assistance per month, plus a 40% discount on Professional Services
Continuing inContact Education
Fee-based, live webinars Unlimited access to live webinars included 20% discount on fee-based courses 30% discount on fee-based courses 40% discount on fee-based courses
Fee-based, self-paced courses 10% discount on fee-based courses     Unlimited access to scheduled training sessions held at inContact in
Salt Lake City


*Discounted training and consulting rates do not apply to Business Consulting packages.

What Our Customers Say

“Excellent customer support - very detailed and concise!”

“Any issues I have had were promptly resolved. Your Support team is great and seems well trained on your product. Keep up the great work!”

“All of my service experiences have been top notch.”

“My inContact representative is wonderful and very responsive - I know I can always get help whenever needed. She is reliable, intelligent and very helpful. Even my dumb questions are answered by her as if they are smart ones!”


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