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3-Minute Tour of inContact’s Contact Center Solutions


Today's customers are empowered by virtually unlimited choices. But what they prefer is a company who is willing to deliver the best experience possible. Your contact center is at the core of this exceptional customer experience, which means you have the power to engage with them in the way they want and in the way that brings the voice of your company to life. If your contact center is still anchored to a premise-based system, serving your customers comes at a cost.

By moving your contact center to the cloud, you'll save your company from expensive technology investments, and provide profound business agility. When considering a cloud contact center, experience is key, and inContact leads the industry in number of deployments. In addition, our financial services team provides a smooth transition from your current system to the new inContact platform.

Benefits of inContact Cloud Contact Center include:

  • Intelligent Multi-Channel Automatic Call Distribution
  • Ability to Change Call Flows on the Fly
  • Flexible, Customizable Contact Center
  • Easy CRM Integration with Screen Pops and Call Routing
  • Customer Self Service with Cloud IVR

Watch this 3-minute video and learn how you can transform your contact center infrastructure!

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